YBN 1/8" Track/ BMX Silver Chain SLA410

YBN 1/8" Track/ BMX Silver Chain SLA410

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World's lightest 1/8" chain with a history of multiple Olympic and world championship victories

  • Compatible with all 1/8" track or BMX drivetrains
  • Ni-PTFE treatment for reduced friction and noise
  • DHA chromium hardened pins and rollers for increased longevity
  • Hollow pins and inner and outer link cutouts for max weight reduction 
  • Bushingless design for ease of waxing and max efficiency
  • High-quality nickel plating for durability and rust prevention
  • 115 links/ 307g
  • Size: 1/2"x 1/8" 
  • Chain Outer Width: 12.7mm
  • Package includes YBN master link

The combination of MSPEEDWAX and the SLA410 track chain has achieved multiple national hour records, multiple Commonwealth Games track victories & multiple track world championship victories.

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High performance chain waxing service.

Reduces wear & tear on drive components, cleaner and quieter. A Molten Speed Wax treated chain also saves 1-1.5% of your total power output, typically 3-5 watts for most riders.

Each new chain will receive the thorough container method cleaning process using mineral spirits and denatured alcohol before being bathed in Molten Speed Wax. The result is ultra-high drivetrain performance for around 350-400km, after which the chain will need rewaxing to maintain its peak performance.

2 x 250g Pucks of MSW @ £24.99 could give you up to 8,000km of cycling

Please allow 2 working days for the chain(s) to be treated.

Chain Prep for home waxing.

Add this option with your chain purchase if you would prefer for us to clean your new chain so it is ready for you to wax.

We use the container method with mineral spirits and de-natured alcohol to thoroughly cleanse your chain.

No need for you to use any spirits, just drop the new chain in some Molten Speed Wax.

All you need is a slow cooker and a puck of Molten Speed Wax!

Please allow 2 working days for the chain(s) to be treated.