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YBN is now available in the UK, but since 1989 they have sold millions of chains throughout the world. As one of the industry's leading manufacturers, they pride themselves on product innovation and the relentless pursuit of quality. Their flagship 6.4 titanium chain is a case in point: YBN is the only manufacturer producing a titanium chain and the first company to harden titanium chain rollers with the DHA chromium process. The result is a titanium chain that shares the same dependability and service life as a steel chain. YBN has also led the industry with the development of Ni-PTFE coatings and was one of the first two chain manufacturers to introduce an 11-speed chain in 2008.

A big company doesn't necessarily equate to good products, but with YBN this is unequivocally the case. Tested at friction-facts.com, YBN's titanium chain posted an incredibly low 4.75 total watts of total friction, amazing when you consider there are over 800 contact points in a chain. This level of performance cannot be achieved without extraordinary engineering and exacting, controlled production. It's important to note that YBN's steel chains are made with the same technology and quality as their titanium counterparts. YBN may make over 20 million chains a year, but their high tech equipment and skilled personnel closely monitor each chain during production.


TI chain 

world lightest chain

As one of the leading chain manufacturers, to create the best chain is an endless mission. YBN Chain keeps trying to achieve. With up-to-date  manufacturing technology and professional metal processing knowledge, YBN proudly announced its Titanium Chains are the world's lightest chain. Comparing with normal bicycle chain. YBN Titanium Chain Series reduce more than 30% weight.
After long-period testing by the major clients, the results where very impressed and remarkable. The Titanium Chain Series are made of Titanium Material, and also are processed with Ni-PTFE Teflon Coating ,SLA Superior Lubricating Aid and DHA lightest Chromium Carbide Hardened Treatment. All of these production procedures made the Titanium Chain Series not only the lightest chains but the best chains.
Extremely lightweight, Outstanding Durability, Smooth Shifting and Noiseless are the main characters of YBN Titanium Chain. Its Outstanding Durability is about 6000Km~8000Km and the Lifetime is twice as long as normal chain.

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