Retül Bike Fit Service


How much does it cost?

A full bike fit is £150

How do I book?

Just call on 01508 521000 or email

Where will the bike fit be carried out?

All bike fits are carried out at our Norfolk based store:

The Old Forge
Forge Road
NR14 6BD

Why focus on bike fit?

A proper bike fit is essential for optimal performance, efficiency, injury prevention and comfort on the bike, and will provide a rider with the most economic means of expending energy. A proper bike fit will also prevent pain that is common in the knee, hip, and lower back, particularly with riders who are trying to adapt their body to the bike they've already purchased.

What is Retül?

Retül provides bike fit tools, technology and training to guide qualified bike fitters in making objective and comprehensive bike fit decisions.

What is unique about the way Retül does bike fitting?

Retül uses a cycling-specific 3D motion capture system that reads a rider’s movements while he or she is pedaling on the bike, and records all three planes of movement (3D). This type of data reflects how a rider actually rides a bike and cannot accurately be captured with 2D video, static fitting, or eyeball fitting. Retül’s dynamic fit tools allow a bike fitter to make fast and easy adjustments to a rider’s position using objective and highly accurate fit data to guide the changes.

Is Retül effective for different types of riders?

Bike fit decisions should be made while considering the individual goals, biomechanics, strengths and limitations of each rider. From professional athletes, to competitive age-groupers to recreational riders and commuters, every cyclist will benefit from a proper bike fit. Retül tools and technology can be applied to road, mountain and TT/tri riding positions.

What is the role of a bike fitter using Retül?

The experience and knowledge of the bike fitter is the key to taking advantage of the full capabilities of Retül tools and technology. Tools alone are not enough to perform a proper fit, and the training and experience of the fitter is essential to a good bike fitting experience.

Retül tools, technology and methodology are built on three foundations that result in the application of accurate, objective and comprehensive bike fit data to a rider’s position on the bike:

Dynamic fitting is the most realistic

Using motion capture technology, Retül records a rider’s position while he or she is in motion, therefore creating the most realistic picture of the rider’s actual pedal strokes and body positions when out on the road and trails. Riding a bike is different than sitting on a bike, and capturing data dynamically presents a clearer and more accurate picture of a rider’s movements.

Biomechanics are best assessed in 3D space

Fit data collected in a traditional two-dimensional plane (such as video) is fairly limited because the fitter has to isolate a single view at time. In order to see how all of the applicable movements of the body are working together, the frontal and sagittal planes of a rider should be viewed as interdependent reference points. Retül’s motion sensors simultaneously gather data on multiple angles of the rider in three dimensions so a fitter can not only see measurements such as knee and hip angles, but also lateral knee tracking and hip lateral travel.

Measurement accuracy is vital

Slight inaccuracies (the difference of millimeters) can drastically change a rider’s feel after a ride. The Retül system is accurate to within less than a millimeter, creating true objective data which can be utilized by the fitter for the perfect biomechanical fit. Small adjustments can make a big difference in alleviating back, knee or neck pain, and those adjustments will improve a rider’s performance.

Retül report

At the end of the Retül bike fit session you’ll receive a report on your setup. This report will give you the information you need to reassemble your bike to your ideal ride specifications should you disassemble it.